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Monday, September 24, 2012

Sound Trip! #2: Favorite Pinoy Rock Bands

Here is my list of my Favorite OPM Rock Bands

Eraserheads- Undoubtedly the most famous and influential Rock band here in the Philippines composed of Philippine Rock icons Ely Buendia (Pupil), Raymund Marasigan (Sandwich), Buddy Zabala (Dawn) and Marcus Ardoro (Marcus Highway). They ushered the Rock era of the 90's and become an influential  force to future rock acts like itchyworms, Hale, Cueshe and many other. Although they Split up in the Early 2000 they remained the most famous and continue to influence future generation with there music.Group members engage in their solo career and find success in it partly because of there E-Heads Identity.The first song i memorize the whole lyrics is E-heads "Huling el Bimbo", First album i ever have is Sticker Happy and the First Song i learned to play in the guitar is "Huwag mo ng itanong" so i consider my self a certified Solid E-heads Fans. 

Favorite Songs: Huling El bimbo. Hard To believe, Tuwing umuulan at kapiling ka, Balikbayan box, malesang bahaghari, Pop machine, Maskara

Favorite Album: All Albums 

Parokya ni Edgar- i dubbed it as the "Kalog Rock" with their funny, witty Ala Novelty song act and love songs that deal with broken hearts and missed chances.I am one of those who was captured by their unavoidable charisma. Although they almost rose to fame the same era as the E-heads in my opinion i cannot compared them to the E-heads. they have there own distinct flavor that is far from e-heads and you will like them simply because you love there unique music. In my learning days of playing guitar Parokya songs is my "Praktisan" because song like Inuman, Harana, Sivertoes and Picha pie have an easy chord pattern. 

Favorite Songs: Sampip, Lutong Bahay, Sivertoes, Muli, and many more 

Favorite AlbumKhangkhungkherrnitz ,Buruguduystunstugudunstuy Bigotilyo  

Rivermaya (Rico Blanco and Bamboo era): another Rock Giants of the philippines along side E-heads & Parokya. They become popular during the 90's because of there mellow-rock and a distinct Pop rock vibes. i was hooked to this band because most of there song is easy to relate to and have "Feel Good" in it especially during bamboo era where most of the band singles become a hit remained popular until now. During The Rico Blanco Era they add up some "Attitude" and "More Rock" to there flavor while maintaining the soothing easy to listen lyric that they where once famous for. Upon the departure of Rico to embark in a solo career rivermaya in my opinion lost a soul and the new line-up seems to be depressing to hear (in my opinion).

Favorite Song: 214, Nerbyoso, Panahon na naman, Kisap mata, you'll be safe here, Himala, Ulan, posible, Hinahanap hanap kita and if

Favorite Album: Trip, Atomic Bomb, tuloy ang ligaya and between the stars and waves

Bamboo- Manalac's excellent vocals backed by i believe the best musicians in the country equals to one of the best OPM bands to emerges in years. Bamboo's music seems to have a jazz and rock feel on it's a fusion that create in my opinion a distinct Pinoy feel on it. they are relaxing and at the same time rock. i cant explain how rock become relaxing but that's how i feel when i listen to there music. i feel like i am on a vacation on an island lying on the sand with no other people and listening to their music and they are the best live act i saw in my life! 

Favorite Songs: Noypi, hallelujah, Masaya, Mr.Clay, Probinsyana, and So far away 

Favorite Album: All Albums

Kamikazee- Funny, Witty and playful lyrics  and add up some punk rock in to it and you will love them. some say that they are Parokya wannabe but in my opinion although they have some similarity Kamikazee is a band of there own.  the heavyness and the head banging sound of there song plus humorous word play makes them one of my favorite bands of all time.

Favorite song: Turon, Narda, Directors Cut, Marter nyebera, Unang tikim, Chinelas and many more

Favorite Album: All ALbums

Notable Mention:
Sandwich- whenever i hear their song i feel like dancing in a weird way.

Grin Department- a band that your parents will forbid you to listen. almost all there song is double meaning

Pupil / Mongols- sounds like a B-side song of an E-heads album and have a E-heads vibes on it thats why i liked it

Juan Dela Cruz Band- Pinoy Rock nuff said!

Urbandub- one of the best Rock band ive heard. i both enjoy the sound and feel of there songs

Mayonnaise- One of the best Alternative bands the country has to offer

Imago- Pop rock at its Finest!

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